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What to consider when building a website.


Navigation should be simple. The easier it is to navigate the longer a user will spend on your site. Minimise the number of navigation links.


Your brand includes your logo, font and colours. Your website should embody your brand identity and help your customers identify with you.


Make your site’s structure and content user and search engine friendly. SEO is a marketing discipline that helps you get ranked.


Contact information should be visible. A phone number, address, email address and/or contact form adds legitimacy to your business.


Great images draw users into your site. Use images to show your products and services. Make your images interesting and appealing.


Content includes images and text. Text should be written in plain language, well structured with headings and paragraphs so that it is easy to follow.


It is very important for a small business to tell users who they are and what they do. A picture helps users connect with you.


Build a site that uses standards of design. Consider Accessibility to remove barriers to universal access.

Call to Action

A call to action encourages your user to do something on your site. Calls to action need to be obvious and strong.
Your website is often the first impression your audience has of you.  I work with you to design an online experience that performs well and appeals to your target audience. We’ll work together to ensure your message is effectively communicated in a usable and easily accessible way. I use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is fairly easy to use and people learn to adapt to it with training. There are also many resources on the web to guide you no matter what level of expertise you have. To complement our Web Design service we provide training and mentoring in WordPress to put you in control of your own website.

What happens when you decide to work with me?

I follow a specific process so that you know what to expect at all stages. When we start your website project we agree a timeline and a finish date.
Firstly I work with you to understand your business. I help you work out your website objectives and the keywords people may use to find you. In doing this we are ensuring that your website compliments your offline business and meets your overall business objectives. Here are some questions you need to consider:

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • Who is going to use the site?
  • What do your customers hope to get from the site?
  • What words will they use to search for you online?
  • What do you hope to achieve by having a website?
  • What content do you want on your site?
  • What  should content look like?
  • Who is going to produce the content?

At this stage you will have selected a Domain name and hosting for your website.

The next phase is where I develop a design that suits you and your business. I structure your content to create an enriching experience for your user while making your site easy to navigate. You will be involved in all stages of this process and you will decide on the final design.
Your site will be built taking SEO into consideration.  It will be optimised for the keywords your customers will use to find you on search engines.
I will work with you to determine which Social Media Tools are relevant to your business. I will set them up for you if you are not already operating on these platforms and integrate them with your website.
I provide whatever training you need to keep your content up to date and interesting. Good content, consisting of text, pictures and videos, is what makes your customers decide that you are superior to your competitors so it is worth spending some time updating information and collecting relevant images.
Finally when you are happy with the web design and look and feel of your website I will help you launch it.

In addition to Web Design I can also set up Analytical tools for you and show you how to use them to monitor the success of your website. Google Analytics and Google Search Console and Bing – SEO Analyser and Bing Webmaster Tools are useful free tools to help you keep track of your online performance and goals.

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